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Review - The Experience of Flying Qatar Airways Business Class

Read the experience of my business class flight travel with Qatar Airways to the United Airlines.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and I've had the privilege of exploring various corners of the world. Over the years, I've flown with numerous airlines, each offering its unique blend of luxury and comfort. However, my recent journey with Qatar Airways in their business class to the United States was nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment I stepped on board to the time I disembarked; every aspect of the experience was exceptional. In this blog, I'll share my unforgettable journey, highlighting the remarkable features and services that made flying with Qatar Airways an experience to remember.

Check-in and Lounge Access

The journey began at the airport, where I was greeted by the friendly Qatar Airways staff at the BIAL airport. Business class passengers enjoy a dedicated check-in counter, which means no long lines or waiting. Once through security, I was granted access to the Qatar Airways lounge – an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling airport.

The lounge itself was a testament to luxury. It offered a wide array of amenities, from comfortable seating and quiet areas to a delectable buffet spread and a well-stocked bar. It was the perfect place to unwind before the long-haul flight.

Business Class - Lounge Invitation

Onboard Comfort

As I boarded the plane, the spaciousness and elegance of the business class cabin immediately struck me. Qatar Airways offers one of the most comfortable seating arrangements in the industry. The seats were designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy, with ample legroom and the ability to convert into fully flat beds. Each seat came equipped with a plush blanket and a pillow, ensuring a good night's sleep during the flight.

One of the standout features of Qatar Airways' business class is the innovative Qsuite, available on select aircraft. This is a game-changer in the world of premium travel. The Qsuite features a sliding privacy door, allowing passengers to create their own private cabin space. Whether traveling alone or with a companion, the Qsuite offers unparalleled privacy and comfort.

In-Flight Entertainment

For those who enjoy in-flight entertainment, Qatar Airways has an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The vast selection ensured that there was something for everyone. The quality of the screen and the noise-canceling headphones provided an immersive entertainment experience. I was able to catch up on movies I had missed and discover new ones during the journey.

Dining in Style

One of the highlights of flying Qatar Airways business class is the exceptional dining experience. The airline's culinary team collaborates with top chefs from around the world to curate a menu that rivals some of the finest restaurants. Passengers have the option to dine on-demand, allowing for flexibility in meal times.

I opted for the tasting menu, which was a gastronomic journey through various cuisines. Each course was beautifully presented, and the flavors were exquisite. Qatar Airways also offers an extensive wine and beverage list, with options to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Service Excellence

What truly sets Qatar Airways apart is the level of service provided by the cabin crew. The flight attendants were attentive, courteous, and went above and beyond to ensure that every passenger's needs were met. Whether it was a specific dietary request or a simple request for more water, they were always eager to assist with a warm smile.

During the flight, passengers are provided with luxurious amenities such as high-quality toiletries, sleepwear, and even pajamas on longer routes. These thoughtful touches added to the overall feeling of pampering and luxury.

A Good Night's Sleep

One of the challenges of long-haul flights is getting a good night's sleep. Qatar Airways recognizes this and provides a comfortable turn-down service, complete with a mattress pad and a duvet. The cabin lighting is adjustable to create a serene ambiance conducive to rest. I was able to enjoy several hours of uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to start the day upon arrival.

Mid-Flight Snacking

For those moments when you're feeling peckish between meals, Qatar Airways has a delightful solution. The airline offers a selection of snacks and light bites that can be ordered at any time during the flight. Whether you're craving a sandwich, fresh fruit, or a sweet treat, the crew is more than happy to accommodate your snacking needs.

Arrival Experience

As the flight neared its destination in the United States, I couldn't help but reflect on the journey. Qatar Airways had not only transported me in comfort and style but had also provided an unforgettable experience. The arrival process was just as smooth as the departure. Business class passengers receive priority disembarkation, ensuring a hassle-free exit from the aircraft.


My experience flying Qatar Airways business class to the United States was nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I booked my flight to the time I arrived at my destination, every aspect of the journey was characterized by luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. Qatar Airways' commitment to providing a top-tier experience for its passengers is evident in every detail, from the spaciousness of the cabin to the delectable dining options and the attentive cabin crew.

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If you have the opportunity to travel in Qatar Airways' business class, I highly recommend it. Whether you're embarking on a long-haul journey or a short domestic flight, the experience is sure to leave a lasting impression. Qatar Airways has set a high standard for luxury travel, and their business class is a testament to their dedication to passenger comfort and satisfaction.

To book your flight check on Qatar Airways website.

Do leave a comment and share your experience if you have travelled by Qatar Airways in past or which to fly in near future.


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