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A Travel Writer 

🌏Helping You Explore the World

About Me:

🗺️ Exploring the globe one destination at a time.
🎓 Engineer turned Travelpreneur.
🌍 23+ countries and counting!
🌟 I turned my passion for travel into a thriving business, and I'm here to inspire and assist fellow wanderlust seekers in experiencing the world's wonders.

🌆 From the moment I stepped out of the university doors with an engineering degree in hand, I knew my true calling was not confined to a desk. Instead, I embarked on a journey to create unforgettable travel experiences that would leave a lasting imprint on people's lives.

🗺️ Join me on this extraordinary journey of discovery. Follow along as I share travel tips, breathtaking destinations, and heartwarming stories. Let's make your travel dreams a reality, one destination at a time.


Ooty pic by Sherlock Homes

My Journey 

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